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Crosby Beach: Everything You Need To Know

Crosby Beach is one of the most popular and picturesque beaches situated along the Sefton coastline.

One Of The Iron Men At Crosby Beach

Popular with locals and tourists alike, Crosby Beach offers coastal walks, a stunning art installation by world-famous artist Antony Gormley and some fantastic views that can stretch all the way to Snowdonia in North Wales on a clear day.

Getting to Crosby Beach

The beach stretches out across 2.5 miles of coastline and runs from the Marina in Waterloo to the Crosby Coastguard Station in Blundell Sands.

Crosby Coastguard Station At Burbo Bank, Crosby Beach
Crosby Coastguard Station

Due to its length, there are multiple places along the beach to head to if you are traveling from Liverpool City Center or elsewhere.

Parking at Crosby Beach

There are three main car parks at Crosby Beach;

  • Marina car park (Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre) (L22 1RR)
  • Crosby Leisure Center car park (L23 6SX)
  • Burbo Bank car park (L23 8TA)

If you’re unsure where to park, then we would recommend parking at Burbo Bank. This car park is at the northernmost point of the beach, which means you then have the option of walking down the promenade towards Waterloo or walking along the coastal path towards Hightown and Formby. Burbo Bank is also the best place to see The Iron Men and the most accessible option for wheelchair users and pushchairs.

Ramp Down To Crosby Beach

The Marina end of the beach is a great place to head with the kids. However, you do have a bit of a walk from the car park before you get to the actual beach. The paths down this end of the beach are less accessible as they are covered in sand in some parts, but don’t let this put you off, it’s still worth a visit!

Pathway At Crosby Marina Towards Crosby Beach
The pathway from the Marina car park to the beach

Parking Prices

The parking at Crosby Leisure Centre is free, whilst the car parks at Burbo Bank & the Marina costs:

Parking TimeCost
30 minutes40p
Up to 2 hours£1.10
Up to 4 hours£2.10
Over 4 hours£4.20
12-month season ticket£40
Crosby Beach Parking Prices

Arriving by Crosby Beach by Train

The three main train stations that are closest to Crosby Beach are Waterloo, Crosby & Blundellsands, and Hall Road.

Waterloo Station is roughly an 8-minute walk away from Crosby Beach on the Marina side, whilst Hall Road is roughly a 9-minute walk away from Burbo Bank. Crosby & Blundlesands train station is situated between the two, and an approximately 10-minute walk will get you to the Crosby Leisure Centre area of the beach.

Facilities at Crosby Beach

Are There Toilets at Crosby Beach?

There are public toilets at both Burbo Bank and the Marina in Waterloo. Both toilets cost 40p to use.

Crosby Beach Toilets (Burbo Bank)
The public toilets at Burbo Bank car park

Other Facilities

At Burbo Bank, there is usually an ice cream van and a coffee van (called Honest Coffee), which sells hot drinks, cold drinks and cakes.

Honest Coffee and Ice Cream Van at Crosby Beach (Burbo Bank)

The Marina end of the beach is home to the Bus Yard, a pop-up bar that is open during the summer months.

The Bus Yard is a customised double-decker bus that serves food and drink, complete with upstairs seating that provides a scenic viewpoint. The outdoor seating is directly on the promenade, meaning you can take in the amazing views of Crosby Beach whilst enjoying a cocktail or an ice-cold beer.

The Bus Yard At Crosby Beach

The Marina is also home to Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre and The Lake House – a newly renovated hotel and restaurant situated at the water’s edge, with amazing views across the lake.

For younger visitors, there is a large play area at the Marina which caters to a range of ages and abilities.

Play Area At Crosby Marina

Sefton Coastal Path

The Sefton Coastal Path runs from Crosby Marina to Marina Drive in Southport. The walk is 21 miles long and offers a variety of terrain, such as beaches, marshes & pinewoods.

Promenade Along Crosby Beach

If starting at the Crosby Beach end of the walk, head north past the Coastguard station and you will find an accessible path that takes you along the coast towards Hightown. As well as being an enjoyable walk, this path is filled with history.

Along the path, there are underground bunkers that were used during WWII that are still intact to this day. In fact, if you’re feeling brave enough – you can even clamber in and explore them yourself!

Sefton Coastal Path From Crosby Beach

The bunkers themselves were built on an even older army barracks called Fort Crosby, which was built in 1906.

The coastal path temporarily ends when you reach Hightown, but the extended route will take you over the River Alt, through Formby Woods, Ainsdale Nature Reserve before finally reaching Southport.

The Iron Men

Anthony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’ also known as ‘The Iron Men‘, was installed on Crosby Beach on the 1st of July 2005. The art installation consists of 100 cast iron men staring out to sea and are stretched out across 2 miles of the beach.

One Of The Iron Men Standing On Crosby Beach

The Iron Men had previously been displayed in Germany and Norway before they made it to Crosby. They were set to be moved on again in 2007 but due to both a positive reception from the locals and an increase in tourism to the area, it was agreed they would remain at Crosby Beach permanently.

Our Tips for Visiting Crosby Beach

The Best Time to Visit Crosby Beach

Depending on what activities you wish to enjoy at the beach, check out the tide times prior to your visit.

High tide is a great time to walk along the promenade, especially if the sea’s a bit choppy and you get to witness the waves crashing against the steps. Please take special care in adverse weather during high tide.

View From Crosby Beach

Low tide allows you to enjoy the beach in all its glory and ensures the Iron Men will be in full view. This is probably the best option if you have children who wish to play in the sand, or are visiting with dogs and want to give them the full run of the beach.

Low Tide On Crosby Beach

There is no better time to visit Crosby Beach than during sunset on a clear sunny day.

Crosby Beach is a great place to spot the cruise ships arriving and departing from Liverpool. We would recommend the Marina end of the beach to check out the ships passing by. Cruise ships tend to arrive in Liverpool anytime between 6 and 8 am and leave either late afternoon 5-6 pm or evening 9-10 pm.

Ship In View Of Crosby Beach

Be Careful

  • Tides can come in quickly and you can get stuck on sandbanks
  • The beach has areas of deep mud, and there have been numerous cases of people getting stuck in the mud.
  • Do not enter the water, the beach has a red-flag status.
Warning Signs On Crosby Beach

For more information on keeping safe at Crosby Beach, please visit the RNLI website.

Have a Drink at The Bus Yard!

Offering live music, great food and a range of drinks – The Bus Yard is the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy the view. This pop-up bar is open every day from 11am to 8pm, April through to September.

The Bus Yard Bar At Crosby Marina

Check out their other locations in Liverpool One and Knowsley Safari Park!


Are dogs allowed on Crosby Beach?

Yes, dogs are allowed on Crosby Beach. We would advise keeping dogs on the lead when walking on the promenade as it’s often busy with lots of cyclists riding by.

How long is Crosby Beach?

Crosby Beach is 2.5 miles long and stretches from Waterloo to Blundellsands.

Is Crosby Beach safe to swim in?

Crosby Beach is always red-flagged, meaning you can’t swim in the sea. This is mainly due to the fact that the beach is close to The River Mersey, which is a shipping lane. This reduces the quality of the water.

Can you walk from Crosby Beach to Formby Beach?

You can walk from Crosby Beach to Formby Beach, but you do have to come off the coast and walk through parts of Hightown and Formby to get there.

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