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Getting to The Albert Dock (Parking & Directions)

Parking At The Albert Dock

With lot’s of things to do at the Albert Dock, from taking in the sights to eating or drinking at one of the many bars or restaurants, finding a parking space at The Albert Dock can be tricky.

Luckily, there’s plenty of parking options to choose from.

Parking Locations

There are three car parks within The Albert Dock itself. The first (and smallest) car park is directly on the left as you drive in on Salthouse Quay.

With this being the first and smallest car park, this car park often fills up first.

Albert Dock Liverpool - Salthouse Quay Parking

The second and third car parks in the Albert Dock are on situated on Gower Street and run alongside Dukes Dock. Two of the car parks are operated by a barrier, where you need to collect a ticket on entry, whilst the car parks towards the bottom of Gower Street aren’t barrier operated.

Gower Street Albert Dock Liverpool Car Parking

Albert Dock Parking Prices

All parking at the Albert Dock is the same price across all the car parks. It can be a little pricey, especially if you are staying over 5 hours, but you are definitely paying the convenience.

1 Hour£3.00 (Up to and including 1 Hour)
2 Hours£6.00
3 Hours£8.00
4 Hours£9.00
5 Hours£10.00
6 Hours£11.00
12 Hours£15.00
24 Hours£20.00
Albert Dock Parking Prices

Alternative Car Parking for The Albert Dock

If you can’t find a space (it can get busy during peak periods) there’s a couple of other car parks you can park in if you don’t mind walking.

Kings Dock Car Park

The Kings Dock Car Park is situated on Kings Dock, next to the Exhibition Centre & the M&S Bank Arena.

There are just under 1500 spaces available, so you should always find a space (although it can get busy during live events at the arena) and it takes between 5-10 minutes walk to get to the Albert Dock.

The pricing is similar to the car parks in The Albert Dock, but you can save yourself £2 if you are staying up to 5 hours.

Up To 1 Hour£2.40
Up To 2 Hours£6.00
Up To 5 Hours£8.00
Up To 9 Hours£12.00
Up To 24 Hours£18.00

Liverpool One Q Park

The Liverpool One car park is another good option if you want to park close to The Albert Dock. The car park is situated directly under Liverpool One, and is just a short walk across Strand Street to reach The Albert Dock.

We would recommend parking elsewhere if possible as it’s very expensive, with prices rising to £16 for just 5 hours.

Getting to The Albert Dock by Train

The Albert Dock doesn’t have a train station, but you can walk to the Albert Dock from a number of train stations in Liverpool.

The closest train station to The Albert Dock is James Street, which is just an 8 minute walk along The Strand.

The second closest train station is Liverpool Central, which is just a 14 minute walk down Hanover Street to reach The Albert Dock, whilst the walk from Moorfields station to The Albert Dock is 16 minutes.

If you are travelling into Liverpool from the mainline and arriving at Liverpool Lime Street, then the Albert Dock is still within walking distance.

The walk will take you roughly 18-20 minutes, and will take you right through Liverpool City Centre before reaching The Albert Dock.

Getting to The Albert Dock by Bus

Getting to the Albert Dock by bus is extremely convenient, as the Liverpool One Bus Station is situated directly opposite.

The majority of bus routes across Liverpool stop at the Liverpool One Bus Station, as well as National Express coaches.

Liverpool One Bus Stop - Opposite The Albert Dock

Liverpool’s other main bus station, Queen’s Square, is a 20 minute walk to The Albert Dock.

How much is a taxi from Liverpool Lime Street to The Albert Dock?

It would cost roughly £4 – £6 in a taxi to get from Lime Street to The Albert Dock.

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